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Our Biotech Company

C4Diagnostics is a French-based biotech founded in 2017 and specialized in the development of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for human infectious diseases.

Our proprietary Click-chemistry technology is at the core of our portfolio of rapid diagnostic tests, which currently focuses on the diagnosis Legionnaires’ Disease (C4Legio-LFA), urinary tract infections (C4UTI) and the development of antimicrobial susceptibility tests (C4AST).

L'agilité de C4Diagnostics

Our vision

We believe that rapid and reliable diagnostic tools are game changing in the way infectious diseases are handled, lead to better patient care, and bring a powerful leverage to fight antimicrobial resistance.

We are committed to bringing reliable and actionable diagnostic information to healthcare professionals in a timely manner.

Lloyd’s Registrer (Notified Body) ISO 13485:2016 certified C4Diagnostics in January 2019.

Our diagnostic tests are user-friendly and ready-to-use to deliver accurate and high performance results faster.

Our values

More than just words, those values are shared amongst C4Diagnostics team members and partners

  • Patient care
  • Team spirit
  • Business agility and commitment
Patient Care, a priority at C4Diagnostics

Patient Care

Patient Care is a priority at C4Diagnostics. It is one of our main motivations.

We are committed to respecting the deadlines for patients’ needs, adapting our organization if necessary.

We do everything to deliver reliable, highly sensitive results and to provide personalized and easy-to-use solutions for the medical staff.

Team spirit

At C4Diagnostics, we always favor the collective over the individual. We move forward, progress, grow, collaborate together.

Different by their background, age, or experience but always complementary, our employees are one of the greatest assets of the company.

They all have the same goal, success is better as a team, because everyone takes part in it.

L'agilité de C4Diagnostics

Business agility and commitment

When we cope with difficulties, hardships, inexpected events, far from giving up, we bounce back and adapt quickly offering other alternatives.

For example, from the start of the Covid-19 crisis, we were among the first to mobilize by offering Covid-19 screening solutions, without neglecting our initial roadmap.

It reflects our agility and versatility.


C4Diagnostics was founded from an observation. In the diagnostic, there are fast solutions but not very sensitive, or very sensitive solutions but with a long delay for the results. We succeeded in combining the two. This is our company’s signature.

Younes Lazrak

CoFounder, C4Diagnostics

Our main milestones


Company creation

C4Diagnostics was founded in Marseille in May 2017 by Younes Lazrak, Emilie Fugier and Sam Dukan.


Series A fundraising of € 2,3 M

C4Diagnostics raises € 2.3 Million in Series A and
brings a US investor to the founding round, to
accelerate the deployment of its infectious
diseases’ diagnostic solutions


Market-stage company

C4Covid-19 Human, our test for the rapid diagnostic of Covid-19 from a saliva sample is CE marked since March 2021. This is our first in vitro diagnostic product CE marked and on the market for a medical use.


The management team of C4Diagnostics is made up of collaborators experienced in the research, development, implementation and marketing of in vitro medical devices.

Management team

Younes Lazrak, MBA, MSc

Younes Lazrak, MBA, MSc

Founder & CEO

Before cofounding C4Diagnostics, Younes worked in Business Development and IP management in several in vitro diagnostics companies (Incl. Ipsogen & Qiagen), with an impressive track record. His main responsibilities were Licensing in & out and the management of the industrial intellectual ownership, before progressively shifting to Business development and alliances management. He founded the company in May 2017 with Emilie Fugier and Sam Dukan.

Thomas Tran, MBA

Thomas Tran, MBA

Managing Director / Vice President Marketing & Sales EMEA

With a scientific background supplemented by a Master’s degree in General Management International, Thomas has successfully held various key management roles within PME(s) and Top5 leading companies in IVD. Thomas joined C4Diagnostics’s team in May 2020 in order to organize and develop the marketing and global sales activity. He’s Managing Director since March 2021.

Gaël Combemale, MBA

Gaël Combemale, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

With a Master in Business management and Administration, Gaël has more than 5 years of experience in ERP, as well as 7 years in corporate financial management. In January 2020, he joined the C4Diagnostics’ team as CFO and manages all the financial aspects.

Damien Thomas, PhD

Damien Thomas, PhD

Head of R&D and Industrialization

After a PhD in microbiology and immunology, Damien has worked in different IVD private companies. For Ingen/Eurobio, Damien was in charge of R&D and Industrialization teams. Then, he managed the Manufacturing, Quality Control, Logistic team’s for Theradiag and Operation management for IDS. He joined in the summer 2019 C4Diagnostics as Head of R&D and Industrialization.

Émilie Fugier, PhD

Émilie Fugier, PhD

Founder & Head of Technology and Innovation

After a PhD in microbiology and immunology, Emilie has managed various scientific projects involving different pathogenic organisms with industries (CHEMUNEX) and hospitals (CHU Grenoble, Hôpital St-Joseph Marseille). In 2012, she joined Sam Dukan’s team in the CNRS to work on the technology used by C4Diagnostics. After being R&D Head of the company, she is working on the scientific projects as Head of Technology & Innovation. She is also one Board member.

Thierry Maunier, MSc

Thierry Maunier, MSc

Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Quality Engineer & M.Sc. in Microbiology and Immunology, Thierry served as Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager in various Medical Device design and manufacturing companies. Quality Systems he implemented and managed have efficiently fulfilled international standards (ISO13485, ISO9001) & International Regulation requirements (MDR, MDIVD, 21CFRs, SOR). He joined C4Diagnostics in April 2019.

Heads of C4Diagnostics - November 2020

Executive profils of C4Diagnostics : Thierry Maunier, Younes Lazrak, Emilie Fugier, Thomas Tran, Gaël Combemale, Damien Thomas

Strategic board


Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs – 20+ years exp.

Independant (former Qiagen, EMD Serono)


Board member

FInance – 30+ years exp.

Investment Manager (CAAP Création)

Jean-François GRENIER

Market Access

Strategy advisor – 25+ years exp.

Angels santé (former Bayer, Bristol-Myers Squib)


Board member

Finance – 30+ years exp.

Partner Director (Turenne Capital)


Board member


Managing Director (Click Chemistry Tools)

Sandra DUBOS

Board member

Finance – 16+ years exp.

Investment Manager (Kreaxis)


Board member

Accounting management – 20+ years exp.

General Manager (Cisbio Bioassays)

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