Our Covid-19 testing solutions

For the environment and humans


C4Diagnostics in the fight against Covid-19

Renowned for the diagnosis of infectious and respiratory diseases such as legionellosis, in April 2020, in a thriving effort to put our expertise and our strength in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, our company has developed complete range of solutions for Covid-19 testing.

Since April 2020, we have been providing tools for Covid-19 detection :

  • in the environment – surface, and wastewater (C4Services™)
  • for humans (C4Covid-19 Human™)

Indeed, those tools are part of a suite of services and diagnostics kits :

  • C4Services™ is our lab unit dedicated to in-house analyses of large batches of samples from the environment ;
  • Our transportable diagnostic kit for rapid and on-site analysis : C4Covid-19 Human™