Our Covid-19 diagnostic solutions for environmental use

Covid-19 screening solutions for the environment to secure your premises

Whether you want to test rapidly if a specific place has been properly decontaminated or you want to run a global campaign to ensure that your premises are Covid-free, C4Diagnostics offers diagnostic solutions to companies and institutions willing to have secured premises for their employees and/or their users :

  • C4Services™
  • COMETE™ (Covid-19 Marseille Environnemental TEsting) with the Marins Pompiers de Marseille (French Navy firefighters battalion in Marseille)
C4Diagnostics' solutions against the COVID-19

C4Services for a global check-up of your premises

C4Services is our packaged solution for companies and institutions willing to verify the absence of the Covid-19 in their premises. The samples can be collected from surfaces  or waste water.

C4Services offers a complete solution for the analysis of SARS CoV-2 in the environment, using the RT-PCR technique recommended by the National Reference Center for respiratory infection viruses. Our kits are CE marked.

As a true prevention device, C4Services also offers the detection of several other microorganisms upon request.

C4Diagnostics' solutions against the COVID-19


COMETE (Covid-19 Marseille Environnemental TEsting) is a project led by the BMPM (French Navy firefighters battalion of Marseille) with the expertise of C4Diagnostics and supported by the city of Marseille and the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropole. It has enabled the development of an operational system for Covid-19 measurements in the environment.

The aim of this project is to validate decontamination protocols on sites exposed to the virus following the presence of potentially infected individuals.

COMETE is both a mobile sampling unit armed by experts from the BMPM’s specialized Nuclear, Radiological, Bacteriological and Chemical (NRBC) unit and a logistics and analysis platform for these samples, coordinated by C4Diagnostics.