Covid-19 screening solution for Humans to trace and isolate rapidly

C4Covid-19 Human™, our Covid-19 salivary rapid test – Coming soon


C4Covid-19 Human™ is a rapid molecular test, allowing the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for Covid-19. Our test makes it possible to diagnose Covid-19 from saliva samples from symptomatic subjects or contact cases.

Its makes it possible to detect Covid-19 in humans on site, in 30 minutes maximum (from sampling to reporting of results), with an internal control and two targets genes (in accordance with the recommendations of the WHO and the HAS), with a saliva sample.

The analytical part of the test must be performed using the reader analyzer (compact and with a working autonomy of 24 hours).

C4Covid-19 Human™ is intended for use by medical or laboratory personnel trained in the use of the test.

The prospective clinical trial is in progress for CE marking DM-DIV (Medical Device for In Vitro Diagnosis).

This solution will be soon available.


C4Covid-19 Human, our salivary test