About us

Vision & Mission

C4Diagnostics is developing in vitro diagnostics kits based on its proprietary technology, with the following specifications in mind:

Simple for the lab, fast and accurate for the patient and the medical community: actionable medical information for medical professionals.

C4Diagnostics aims at disrupting the global market of infectious diseases IVD by:

  • Delivering faster highly sensitive results
  • Addressing unmet medical needs

C4Diagnostics develops and commercializes IVD kits based on its proprietary, versatile, phenotypic and simple technology.


Incepted May 2017
Incepted May 2017

Raised 1.5 Million Euros Spring of 2018
Raised 1.5 Million Euros Spring of 2018

ISO 13485 certification January 2019
ISO 13485 certification January 2019

September 2019 : C4Legio™ available
September 2019 : C4Legio™ available

Our Commitments

ISO 13485 standards

C4Diagnostics commits to deliver accurate medical information with products designed and manufactured according to the highest standards.

Lloyd’s Registrer (Notified Body) ISO 13485:2016 certified C4Dx in January 2019


C4Diagnostics’ management team has significant and complementary experience in the development, implementation, and commercialization of infectious diseases in vitro diagnostics.

Today, the C4Diagnostics’ team includes 10 full time jobs and 2 part-time jobs.

Younes Lazrak

Younes Lazrak

Founder & CEO

Before cofounding C4Diagnostics, Younes worked in Business Development and IP management in several in vitro diagnostics companies (Incl. Ipsogen & Qiagen), with an impressive track record. His main responsibilities were Licensing in & out and the management of the industrial intellectual ownership, before progressively shifting to Business development and alliances management.

Émilie Fugier

Émilie Fugier

Founder & R&D Team Leader

PhD in microbiology and immunology, Emilie has managed various scientific projects involving different pathogenic organisms with industries (CHEMUNEX) and hospitals (CHU Grenoble, Hôpital St-Joseph Marseille). In 2012, she joined Sam Dukan’s team in the CNRS to work on the technology used by C4Diagnostics. She is now working on all R&D projects.

Thierry Maunier

Thierry Maunier

Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Quality Engineer & M.Sc. in Microbiology and Immunology, Thierry served as Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager in various Medical Device design and manufacturing companies. Quality Systems he implemented and managed have efficiently fulfilled international standards (ISO13485, ISO9001) & International Regulation requirements (MDR, MDIVD, 21CFRs, SOR).

Saïd Jamal

Saïd Jamal

Head of Projects & Operations

With dual managerial and scientific expertise, Saïd has mainly evolved in the life sciences sector (CNRS, Galderma R&D, GSK, etc.) as Project Leader. He joined the team in January 2018 and he is now heading Operations & Projects to structure manufacturing, manage external industrial partners relationships and support all the projects of the company.


Sam Dukan

Sam Dukan

Founder & Scientific Advisor

Former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, then research director leading a team of up to 12 people in CNRS (National Center of Scientifical research), Sam has worked during his all career within big groups like Suez Environnement or CIBA, on application challenges, witnessing technical and operationnal adaptability. Author of 45 scientific publications and co-inventor of 8 patents, Sam is supervising and scientifically advising the C4Diagnostics projects.


Jean-François GRENIER

Market Access

Strategy advisor – 25+ years exp.

Angels santé (former Bayer, Bristol-Myers Squib)


Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs – 20+ years exp.

Independant (former Qiagen, EMD Serono)



Finance & Administration – 25+ years exp.

Independant (former Ipsogen, Bioaster)

Aurélie VIAUX

Board member

Investment Director – 10 years exp.

Turenne Capital


Board member

Investment Director – 14 years exp.

ACG Management